I’m Hans Kreutzer.
Over the years I’ve learned the art of photography and refined it myself.
With my images I want my subjects, whatever they may be, to be shining, truly and positively captured.
For over 10 years I’m working as a professional photographer.
The last years I combine photography and film to make it even more realistic and powerful.






  • I give individual photo workshops or in small groups. After a short explanation of the possibilities of the modern camera’s, we go out into the real world. You can choose the place we go to practice, the city centre, nature or just around the corner where you live. We bring the theory in practice that’s the way to learn quickly. You will discover that small changes can make a dramatic improvement in your images. At the end of the workshop, I hope that I’ve been able to pass some of my enthusiasm for photography and that you’ve learned to look in a different way to the surroundings. Of course, you’ll be able to capture those images with your camera, it doesn’t matter if your camera is a compact, phone or a  full frame camera. 
  • For over 5 years I have given photo workshops to schoolchildren in the age of 6-7 years, in and around  Oss, for the Osse Kunstinstelling voor onderwijs, in total that is now around 500 children. I have travelled with them through the world of photography and have provided them with some tips to make better images. At the end of the workshop, we go out the classroom and they themselves start photographing. It’s always nice to see their enthusiasm and creativity.
I like to bring across my knowledge and experience during practical teaching. You learn the most and you can directly see the results of your choices, whether it’s camera settings or your choice of perspective.
Photography is looking, that makes the perfect picture!

Reportage Photography

Location theatre besides the river Maas: “Oeverloos” editions 2015 an 2017 House photographer for Stichting Oss Cultureel.

* Eerlijk Winkelen: (literally honest shopping: like Fairtrade, recyclable or organic products) I’ve made their products, shops and
   businesses shine with my creativity and photography. I also produced the editions for the cities: Oss, Uden, Eindhoven, Helmond,
   Valkenswaard and Veldhoven. 

* House photographer of Platform Global Goals Oss where I made photo and/or film reports of their activities.

* I’ve been the house photographer of the art event: “kunst aan de Maas” from 2014 till 2016. 
   where captured the art pieces within their surroundings of the river Maas.

Portrait Photography

If you want to make a good image that there should be perfect cooperation between the photographer and the client. 
The right circumstances and surrounding should make a relaxed photo moment so I can make a sincere and true image.

Wedding Photography

There is always a conversation, before I take the job, to exchange expectations and ideas. Especially in wedding photography, is the click between me and the bride and groom very important. I work as unobtrusively as possible so that the attention stays focused on the bride and groom. I edit the photos and will ensure that, if desired, the whole day will be caught in an atmospheric report in which of course the important moments are prominently present.

Combination of stills and film

To give a better impression of something is occasionally better to be able to add also moving images.
Therefore I have a 4K camera available to shoot also moving images with sound to make the experience even better.

My passion for photography arose during one of the many trips to several beautiful and sometimes even desolate places in the world. I wanted to capture the surroundings, special moments and events and take them home to let others also experience what it was like there.  I would like to be your eyes, ears and hands.